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Sintrones: Edge Al GPU Computing

den 22 september 2022

Edge computing is the technology of making computation and data storage more accessible to users. It runs on local devices such as a computer, an Internet of Things (IoT) device, or a dedicated edge server

WP web panel- with smart QIWI software toolkit

den 20 september 2022

This modern Web Panel series combines high-quality design with brilliant multi-touch technology displays and scalable performance.

Success Case: Recab developed a camera solution

den 15 september 2022

The light conditions are very challenging, from direct sunlight in to the camera to the dark of the middle of the night. The customer needed an easy way to calibrate the system to get the optical center in the lens and camera to line up correctly.

Short delivery time within Embedded Computers and more ...

den 13 september 2022

Are you looking for better delivery time within Embedded Computers & Boards – Panel PC – Box PC? Let our experts find the right solutions for you business. We customize for your needs!

Til omgående levering: Nuvo-5002LP

den 6 september 2022

Fanless rugged embedded computer  til omgående levering af model Neousys Nuvo 5002LP udstyret med Intel Core™ i7-6700.

11 videos Create your own software, Machine vision examples

den 31 augusti 2022

We show 11 possibilities how you can easily create and manage your own software through Zebra Aurora™ Vision - A user-friendly machine vision software for machine builders, vision system integrators and industrial end-users.

Innovative Robotics – Embedded in Robotic Technologies

den 29 augusti 2022

The adoption of robotic technologies by businesses in the industrial environment exploded early in the pandemic and accelerate the growth of robots.

Til omgående levering: Nuvo-5002LP

den 26 augusti 2022

Et begrænset antal fanless industricomputere til omgående levering af model Neousys Nuvo 5002LP udstyret med Intel Core™ i7-6700.

 Keyboards for harsh surroundings, vandalism risk, military

den 24 augusti 2022

5 Examples - Regardless of whether for industrial, public or military applications, whether on land, water or in the air, we offer you the right input solution for every application.

Complete hardware solutions - Huge cost-savings

den 22 augusti 2022

-Our computers have become so sophisticated, they can learn to communicate – not only with each other, but with machines, factories & entire supply chains.

Solutions By Recab: 3U VPX HCI system & AS-2021 RIOT Server

den 18 augusti 2022

Our Engineering teams goal is to always deliver high quality products, expert advice and support to our customers see a few examples from our team.

Launch: OpEdge-8D Industrial Edge Gateway Device

den 16 augusti 2022

-Ideal for companies looking to unite IT & OT data – from the sensor to cloud. - Designed for large, complex industrial networks with a growing number of connected devices, it also offer integrated data storage& secure remote access capabilities.

IP67 Cameras GigE Vision PoE® with PoE MIL-STD-810G

den 11 augusti 2022

The IP67 cameras MIL-STD-810G provide you quality, versatility, & rugged durability needed to meet your most complex and demanding requirements. Featuring the Sony Gen2 & Gen3 Pregius global shutter sensor technology & advanced image processing

Reliable Stainless Steel Panel PC -For harsh environments

den 9 augusti 2022

Let us present a selection with Reliable Stainless Steel Panel PC´s: All is designed for a wide range of industrial applications including food/beverage, chemical, factory automation & other high standard environment.

Industrial PC – Rugged solutions that are built to last

den 2 augusti 2022

The harsher the environment, the more essential industrial computers become. How to select the right Industrial PC for your business - let us guide you!

Recab at Denmark’s biggest electronics event: E-22

den 28 juli 2022

Visit Recab at E22 Odense Congress Center the 30:th of August - 1.st of September in stand 4236. - See solutions from our own engineering team & our leading suppliers. Welcome to visit us & discuss project & solutions with our Team players

Recab: We develop for all harsh environments

den 26 juli 2022

Let us discuss how we can solve your needs. The Team players at Recab will always find the most cost-effective solution for your business

Our Engineering Team - Quality at the best price every time

den 19 juli 2022

We have 40+ engineers inhouse in the Recab Group and through our partner network we have access to wide expertise, and resources. Recab has always been about collaboration. – “We don’t want to reinvent the wheel each time”

Recab - Avionics Processing Unit (APU)

den 12 juli 2022

Custom rugged, flight-approved ATR system for helicopters The primary goal is to develop a robust, stable, integrated standard for compact units in systems solutions for industries operating under rigorous certification requirements.

Cyber Security Appliance

den 7 juli 2022

Basic functionality The MLS Guard system is an information gateway for specific communication protocols. The gateway is localized between information security/clearance levels within the IT infrastructure where it is deployed.

High performance Ethernet redundancy solution

den 5 juli 2022

Today’s defense systems are highly sophisticated and based on high-performance mission computers, servers, workstations & signal processing nodes that need to exchange large amounts of information.

Fish Classification using Zebra Aurora™ Vision Studio

den 30 juni 2022

Do you need to analyze a variety of objects where there may be some unclear boundaries for what is good and bad? In that case, AI may be something to take a closer look at. Make your own AI Applications

Summertime - Solutions, service and support by Recab

den 23 juni 2022

If you need to get in touch with us, we are open as usual for solutions, service and support during the summer

NEW: Industrial motherboard with 5G Connection

den 15 juni 2022

Let us introduce the MANO321, a fanless, low-profile mini-ITX Industrial motherboard with 5G capability that can be a flexible piece to develop IoT environments - manufacturing industry.

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