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Spirax Sarco Ltd.

Spirax Sarco are the leading global provider of high quality products for the control and efficient use of steam and other industrial fluids. As a customer of Spirax Sarco, you will benefit from our unrivalled industrial and application expertise and our global commitment to providing the superb service and ongoing support your business needs to achieve sustainable success.
Spirax Sarco are recognised by customers as the world leader in Steam and Thermal Energy Solutions.
Especially Food & Beverage, Healtcare, OEM and Contractor business is areas where Spirax is a high value partner.

Fakta om Spirax Sarco Ltd.

Spirax Sarco Ltd.
Blokken 62
3460 Birkerød
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Rudersdal Kommune

Telefon: +45 38104288

Fax: +45 38343858

VAT nummer: DK12709218

P nummer: 1002929526

Anställda: 18

Certifikat: ISO 9001

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Kenny Andersen
Avdelning: OEM
Direkt telefon: +45 21728746

Klaus Bruun
Avdelning: Food and Beverage
Direkt telefon: +45 40228132

Klaus Swiatek
Avdelning: Healthcare
Direkt telefon: +45 30353581

Mette Kofod
Avdelning: New Markets
Direkt telefon: +45 26307900

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