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Combitech AB

Combitech is one of Sweden's leading technology, development and management consultancy companies. By combining technology with environmental and security awareness, we offer our clients unique and effective solutions.

We are an experienced partner in all areas dealing with technical systems. Our consultants have expertise in information security, systems integration, communications, mechanics, systems security, systems development and logistics. By combining these competencies, we drive development forward. This creates new opportunities in a variety of high-tech areas. But we also share our knowledge. We exercise our role as experts, and undertake projects at the absolute cutting edge of technology, to provide a wide range of courses for both our clients' and our own professional development.

Our clients are companies with a need for reliable security solutions, authorities responsible for the protection of societal flows and players in aerospace, defence, telecommunications and all industrial segments. Proximity to our clients is important. This is why Combitech has roughly 20 locations in Sweden and also some in Norway.

We are growing fast and at present have nearly 1200 employees, 20% of whom are women. However, we are actively working towards that figure reaching at least 30%! Our clients are primarily active in sectors such as public authorities and agencies, banking and finance, the aviation and defence industry, telecoms, manufacturing industry, logistics, medical technology, energy and transport.

Fakta om Combitech AB

Combitech AB
Universitetsvägen 14
582 16 Linköping

Östergötlands län
Linköpings kommun

Telefon: +46 13 18 90 00

Fax: +46 13 21 21 66

VAT nummer: SE5566157581

Anställda: 1200

Certifikat: ISO 9001, ISo 14001:2004


Charlotte Magnusson
Fredrik Tengel
Yrke: Business Area Manager

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