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Marel Meat - Pig Head Deboner

den 26 april 2022

Efficient and profitable deboning

  • High and constant throughput
  • Flexible capacity to match the needs of all processors
  • Manual tasks are well-defined and simple
  • Enhances sustainability efforts by turning a less valuable by-product into a prime source of meat

Semi-automatic preparation
A standard setup includes a standalone Pig Head Pre-cutter which cuts the head skin in half, cuts the prenasal bone and nose in two, and then separates the prenasal bone from the skull. This process is fast, efficient and reliable.

Automated mechanical actions
On a number of key points manual labor is replaced by automated mechanical actions. This reduces the need for skilled manual labor, leading to a significant drop in labor costs and an increase in efficiency, throughput and yield.

Design and processes improve manual labor efficiency by up to 100%
Capacity of up to 600 heads per hour
Set-up can be fully adapted to match the skill level of workers


P. O. Pedersens Vej 18
8200 Århus N

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Telefon: +45 89 30 44 44
Fax: +45 86 78 58 10

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