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Plastic Membranes for UF feta cheese production

den 17 februari 2023

Pearlized OPP plastic

membranes for UF “Feta” cheese production is a patented product by


  • Nonpermeable membranes for white cheese (UF cheese) manufacturing
  • Ensures a perfect separation between drysalt and coagulated cheese
  • Results in a superior cheese quality without soft spots and edges
  • No need of turning cups during fermentation
  • Patented technology

By replacing the traditional permeable membranes (normally consisting of a parchment paper material) with specially developed impermeable membranes, Primoreels® have radically simplified the production process of UF white cheese.

Traditional salting of UF “Feta” cheese using permeable membranes is a process that requires turning the containers twice – in order to separate the salt form the coagulated cheese in the container.


has conceived a two-part solution comprising:

  1. A special impermeable membrane with properties ensuring that containers with cheese no longer need to be turned during the fermentation step.
  2. A new type of dispenser for the membranes that eliminates the significant cross-contamination risks during handling by UV-C treating them prior to being placed on top of the coagulated cheese.

The impermeable membrane is placed on the coagulated cheese, drysalt is dosed on the membrane, and the containers can then be sealed and placed in the fermentation room in an upright position.

  • The membranes are produced under strict hygienic conditions
  • The Primoreels system with membranes supplied in reel can keep packing machine running for up to eight hours between refilling.
  • The inline approach to the process of filling, coagulation, cutting and packaging is performed in a flow, under ultra-clean conditions, and it is the safest and most effi­cient method on the market for the production of UF “Feta” cheese.

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