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MVP M VersaPro Dicer from Urschel.

Next Generation Protein Processing Build on the Urschel Models M and M6, the M VersaPro Dicer is well equipped to provide the best in sanitary design and the ultimate in versatile cutting.

M VersaPro™ Dicer
Next Generation Protein Powerhouse
The new M VersaPro™ (MVP) Dicer provides the best in sanitary design and the ultimate in the versatile cutting of proteins.
The MVP offers 33% increased feeding capacity versus the standard M6 due to wider belts, optimized cutting, and increased horsepower.
IP69K certified electrical enclosure features a double-sealed door for extra protection during washdowns.
A new patented, fluted crosscut option provides gentler cutting action. A deeper circular knife to feed drum penetration produces an improved cutting method.
The crosscut is driven by a 5 HP (3.7 kW) motor equipped with a variable frequency drive to allow adjustment of the cut size without the additional expense of changing parts. Other active cutting components are driven by a 5 or 7.5 HP (3.7 or 5.6 kW) motor.
5 or 6" (127 or 152.4 mm) circular knives and spacers are interchangeable to provide expert cutting results.
Wider 12" (304.8 mm) infeed and takeaway belts work together to provide even transitioning of product and prevention of product buildup. Takeaway belt facilitates discharging into totes.
The mechanical zone is isolated from the product zone to promote sanitation.
Available intuitive Allen-Bradley® touchscreen HMI option easily gathers data, monitors machine components including sensors and amperage; adjusts operating speeds, and saves recipes. Touchscreen swivels for full visibility.

Urschel Nordic
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VAT nummer: DK12891709
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