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Translicer 2520.

Urschel Next Generation Sanitation.

Commercial food processing of fresh-cut salads, leafy vegetables, celery, leek, carrots, cucumbers, and fruits.
The design concept encompasses the next generation of sanitation to greatly reduce cleaning times. HMI option is available.
Accessibility to every area of the machine expedites washdowns.
All surfaces are engineered to promote water drainage.
Standoffs located throughout minimize overlapping joints and improve inspection, while decreasing cleaning times.

635 mm diameter interchangeable stainless steel cutting wheels
Rely on the TranSlicer 2520 to provide optimal, high capacity cutting of commercial food processing applications with cost-savings related to reduced cleaning and inspection times.
To accommodate different types of products, the machine offers a choice between three feed belt configurations: primary and secondary belts, full-length primary belts, or the more compact machine version featuring shorter primary belts.

Urschel Nordic
Karetmagervej 25B
7000 Fredericia
Fredericia Kommune
VAT nummer: DK12891709
P nummer: 1000463479


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