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Confood Scandinavia AB

Confood Scandinavia AB is a Swedish Company with a wide range of Products, know-how and a world wide net of contacts. Together with our partners we can offer you the following services:

  • Complete lines for the production of Snack Food products
  • Complete lines for Fresh Cuts of Greens and Fruits
  • Convey and Distribute the many different kinds of products
  • Packaging of many different products
  • Custom made Machines and parts
  • Help you reduce your spare parts cost through our contacts which guarantees’s low costs combined with high quality
  • Through our Senior Consultants we can help you with not only new projects but also to trouble shoot and solve existing problems

Please do not hesitate to contact us.

Fakta om Confood Scandinavia AB

Confood Scandinavia AB
Florettgatan 12
254 67 Helsingborg
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Skåne län
Helsingborgs stad

Telefon: +46 042160224

VAT nummer: SE5561624213

Anställda: 1-4

Certifikat: AAA


Magnus Wöhl

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