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Air Liquide ALPHAGAZ Marine Emission Gases

den 27 november 2028
  • Gases for fully IMO compliant monitoring
  • Accredited high precision multi-component calibration gases with guaranteed stability
  • Instrument support gases, FID fuel, zero gas and high purity gases
  • Convenient cylinders sizes available for portable as well as fixed monitoring equipment
  • Equipment for instrument calibration
  • Global transport and delivery

Air Liquide facilitate your monitoring, from R&D through commissioning, from continuous monitoring to in-service conformity and mandated checks, wherever you need them and when you need them.

Your Benefits:

  • Calibration solutions for all marine stack emission and process control applications
  • Convenient cylinders sizes, “Go-anywhere” portability makes on-site calibration easy
  • Guaranteed accuracy and long-term stability
  • High quality accessory equipment available
  • Global availability

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